Best Car Cover for winter and summer

A car is a valuable asset and a major investment that requires protection. Some People don’t have agarage so they have to park their cars outside while some have agarage but they try to keep their car safe from smoke and dust etc. So a Car Cover is thebest solution for all these problems. Car Cover protects your car from scratches and mud etc. There are different types of car covers for different seasons. You should follow below-defined criteria to find thebest cover for winter and summer season.

Best Car Cover for winter:                               

A cover must possess following features in order to be used efficiently in winter.

  1. Weight of Material:

            A winter Car Cover should be made of thick fibers. This will protect your car’s surface from scratches as well as it will not allow unpleasant conditions to affect the car. It is important that the cover should fit accurately to thevehicle all over thewinter season.

  1. Waterproof:

            A winter car cover should be waterproof because in many locations winter months are extremely wet. This cover will not allow water to be displaced on the vehicle during the season. Ice is very dangerous for a vehicle as it damages vehicle finishing.

  1. Winterized:

            A car cover must have winterized features. So the car owner can sit in his home without having much tension of his car. A cover with these features offers high protection in extremely harsh weather conditions.

Best Car Cover for summer:

List of features of summer car covers

  1. Glossy and Reflective:

            Ultraviolet radiations coming from the sun are harmful to car surface. If a car is exposed to sunlight for a long time then these UV rays cause damages to car’s exterior surface and also causes fading of car’s paint. So Car Cover for summer season must be reflective so that the UV rays exposure amount is reduced.

  1. Lightweight Fabric:

            The summer season is warm so the cover must be as lighter as possible. It will ensure that the heat doesn’t remain below the cover and it will allow air to circulate. But if this type of cover is exposed to high winds then it will cause scratches on cars surface.

  1. Dust Resistant:

            Car cover should be made of anti-dust material like microfiber. This cover will save your car from mud, dirt and other pollutants.